Take control of your finances and relax with money.

Pay Off Debt


Credit cards, loans, and overdue bills can hang over your head like a dark cloud. Relieve debt stress by paying back your debt quickly with these simple tips. Don't use your credit cards for non-emergencies, use automatic payments to your advantage, reconsider new purchases until you're more financially stable, use windfalls wisely, consider the savings account and even occasionally treat yourself to get back on financial track. Give yourself a chance at financial and personal peace by getting your debt under control.

Cut Back Costly Hobbies


It's easy to spend more than you mean to when you're shopping or gambling; you likely enjoy the thrill of a good hand of cards or the anticipation that comes with waiting for a box in the mail. But your finances shouldn't take a hit because you enjoy expensive hobbies. If your spending habits are hampering your financial goals, or your work and personal relationships are getting strained, it may be time to consider cutting back on your shopping or gambling. Here's how.

Cheap Vacations


Do you have vacation time you're afraid to use because of the high cost of getting out of town? Are you putting off a weekend getaway for just one more month—again? Don't miss out on relaxation time because of your budget. Consider these inexpensive ideas for taking a vacation that fit into any lifestyle. Reconsider the staycation, try to be as flexible as possible with your vacation days, and consider travelling off the beaten path. You may be able to afford a vacation sooner than you think.